List Of 5 Best Custard For Babies In Nigeria With Prices

Best Custard In Nigeria With Price

I was making some research on the lists of baby foods in Nigeria that are largely consumed by babies and found out that custard takes the top list in my research. But I also discovered that most parents don’t know the best type of custard they should feed their babies with. This is why I have come up with this article to further clarify some things based on my research.

Best Custard In Nigeria With Price

What are the best types of custard powders in Nigeria?  There are many types of custard brands in Nigeria, but not all of them are actually good for your baby’s consumption. Few among the great options of custard brands in Nigeria best for little infants are, (1)Heintz Fruit Banana Custard, (2)Gerber 2nd Foods Vanilla Custard Pudding, (3)The Checkers Custard Powder, (4)Family ChoCho Custard, (5)Family Milk Custard. These custards according to my research have proven to be the most consumed brands of baby custards in Nigeria And I am going to discuss with you the reason why this is so.

The WHO ( World Health Organization) recommends that parent should feed their baby exclusively with breast milk for at least 6 months before thinking of feeding them with any other meal. The reason behind this statement is not far-fetched.

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Breast milk contains all the nutrients that the baby would need to grow and develop very well without having to eat any other supplement to make them develop.

Of course, breast milk is very essential, and the mother should try as much as possible to feed her baby with it for at least a minimum of 6 months s recommended by the world health organization (WHO).

After the phase of these first 6 months has passed, then you can start feeding the baby with any other type of meal, either solid, semi-solid, or liquid. But just ensure that their first 6 months are spent under exclusive breastfeeding.

Of course, I know many parents won’t be able to wait till the time they will start feeding their baby with a spoon and plate, giving them all varieties of meals and dishes.

Yes, there are so many meals out there that are very much perfect and are a great substitute for breastmilk which you can actually feed your babies with. Some of which are; Puree, Pap, Custard, Oat, Fruits like Banana, Avocado peer, etc. all these food are very much healthy and nutritious for your baby.

However, we still find some of these parents who still find it difficult to prepare some of the meals. Some even have difficulties in choosing the right type of meal for the baby.

The reason for this is very well known to me. I have been in such a situation before, so I quite know how it feels. There are so many variations of the same products out there which at times can get one confused. Well, we may not be able to provide the full list of the best brands of products for every food category.

However, for the sake of this post, we will be emphasizing only the List Of 5 Best Custard For Babies In Nigeria, while in some other posts, we will discuss other baby food categories.

Let’s talk about About Custard:

Custard is a food that is very similar to pap when it comes to looking and texture. Of course, pap is made from maize, and custard is made from milk and eggs.

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The major difference between the both of them is that pap is locally or can be locally produced but custard is industrially produced – it cannot be made or processed locally at home on a larger scale.

Custard has over time become one of the most popular meals for all babies in Nigeria. Of course, both custard and pap can be taken by children who are yet to grow teeth.

There are different ways to prepare custard, it can be prepared light, watery, semi-solid, it depends on how you want it for yourself or your baby.

Yes, for yourself, because custard can also be eaten both by adults as well as by babies even though it offers different nutritional values to both of them.

Custard is produced in different flavors and colors which makes the face very interesting and attractive for both babies and adults.

One good side of this food is that it can also be prepared alongside other spices to make it even more value-adding and tasty.

other things you can add to your custard are soya beans beverages like milk, ginger, grounded fish e.t.c.

Custard has several health benefits. And I have discussed that here on, the health benefit of consuming custard for babies.

List Of 5 Best Custard For Babies In Nigeria With Prices

Nicely prepared yellow custard in a transparent plate

Here in this post, I will be giving you the list of the best brand of custard for your baby available in Nigeria. You might have seen them before in your local store or shop but haven’t tried them out yet, now I will be given you some reason why you need to try our these brand of custards. Just ensure that you stick to the one your baby prefers to eat.

Below is the list of our recommended best custard for babies in Nigeria

1. Heintz Fruit Banana Custard

Image of a baby custard

This brand of custard is the one recommended for babies who are less than the age of 4 to 36 months, that is, 4 months to 3 years.

Heintz Fruit Banana Custard is a smooth blend of apples together with peers and mixed up with milk.

The Heintz Fruit Banana Custard is approximately saltless and there is no artificial coloring or preservative added to it.

It is also filled with a whole lot of nutrients sufficient for the baby. Some of them include; Vitamin C – which is needed for the growth and good development of the baby, both physically and intellectually.

This vitamin also helps them to build a very good immune system. This brand of custard has no added egg, sugar, soya milk besides the natural sugar in it, there is no additional sweetener added to it.

It is gluten-free and is also suitable for vegetarians. It is a very popular custard brand that is very suitable for consumption. Below are the benefits of Heintz Fruit Banana Custard

Active Benefits of Heintz Fruit Banana Custard

  1. It is very smooth, hence it is easy to consume or swallowed by the baby –  the baby can never have difficulty in eating it and it can be eaten by children who are yet to grow teeth.
  2. It has no added artificial flavor, color, sweeteners, or preservatives.
  3. It has an extremely low salt level
  4. It is gluten-free.

The ingredients used in making this meal were well processed and carefully selected. All the combined recipes were keenly examined and put up together to bring out a masterclass and uniquely tasty delicious results.

Heintz by nature food” will naturally keep the parent at ease that they do not have to stress themselves in making the delicacy that their baby will eat. It offers you different varieties of flavor options and is also available in almost all the local stores close to you at an affordable price.

The price for this product may vary by location but generally, on average, it cost about 2,500 NGN – 3,000 NGN to get a pack of it.

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2. Gerber 2nd Foods Vanilla Custard Pudding +Babana

Gerber 2nd Foods Vanilla Custard

This is a combination of real fruit fruits mixed with awesome vegetables.  This is a very good way o increase your baby’s love for fruit. And if you want to make your baby start falling in love with consuming fruity food, then choose Gerber 2nd Foods Vanilla Custard Pudding and Babana.

This is a type of food that helps your baby to overcome many forms of allergy to other food and give him/her that love to eat both solid or any other kind of meals different from breastmilk. It is made up of several kinds of ingredients mixed to give them the required quantity of nutrients necessary for good growth at their tender age.

The good part of this is that it is made with fruits and veggies that meet Gerber’s quality and standards. Each tub constituent contains about 1/8 banana, 13/4 of Tbsp apple juice, 11/2 tsp, fixed grains.

Vanilla Custard has no extra artificial coloring or flavor with a creamy pudding blend of ripe bananas perfect for your little ones.

It has about 45% of to total daily antioxidant vitamins C required o the baby.

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3. The Checkers Custard Powder

Checker baby custard

The Checkers Custard Powder is well packed and perfect for your little ones.

This of course is not a meal you can give your small baby, the elderly ones also can benefit from the wholesome goodness of this great meal.

It is well sealed by the producing company to ensure that the product is properly protected from any form of contamination in any form.

It is rich in Vanilla flavor and made with the right choice of color.

When the powdered form of The Checkers Custard Powder is properly mixed at the point of preparation, it least out no lump and give us a smooth looking and tasting semi-solid result defending on how well you want it to solidify. This will determine how much water you will add while preparing it.

It is very much easy to prepare and can easily be mastered in a few steps even if you haven’t prepared it before by reading the preparation guide written on it by the manufacturer.

A few steps you can follow to get it prepared are;

  • Put the amount of Checkers Custard Powder you want into your desired container. (Not glass)
  • Mix with a little amount of water until it becomes evenly mixed with the water.
  • Pour on it the boiled water until a satisfactory texture is obtained.
  • Stir well immediately to avoid Lumps underneath.
  • Add milk and serve.
  • You can as well add some other things like fruits on serving if you so desire.

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4. Family ChoCho Custard

family chocho custard for babies

Choco custard is food for the whole family and not just the babies. A combination of well-blended chocolate as the name implies.

This helps to improve your child’s circulation, blood pressure,  and also helps to prevent white blood cells from clogging up their artery walls. It will also help them to guard against cardiovascular disease and it reduces bad cholesterol.

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5. Family Milk Custard

3 in one baby milk custard

This is a food rich in milk and milk alone. Family milk custard is a full cream milk powder added with sugar that can be taken by both babies and the grown-up in the house.

Unlike most other kinds of custard we have highlighted above the family, the custard is made up of both milk and sugar. so you might not even need to add any other form of sugar to it while serving your baby.

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Haven’t highlighted to you the most recommended types of custard powder brands available in Nigeria

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions people ask about this topic.

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How To Prepare Custard In 5 Minute

  • Put the right measure of water in your boiler
  • While the water is about to get boiled, Put In the right measure of custard powder inside your preferred container.
  • Add a little quantity of water and dissolve the custard powder until it is totally mixed in the water.
  • Ensure the water is boiled and then whisk the custard again to make sure the custard has not settled at the bottom of the container and pour the hot water simultaneously.
  • Ensure to mix as you are pouring the water.
  • Notice that the custard gradually changes from its whitish color, once there is no more whitish color on the custard, then you can stop adding water.
  • Now stir the custard through to ensure there is no lump under the container.
  • Scoop the custard into serving dishes and then add anything else.

When Can I give my baby custard?

According to my research, I have found out that the best time you can start feeding the baby with custard is when the baby is around the age range of 6 months upward.

What Time Can I feed My baby with custard?

Well, from what I found out, there is no specific time you cannot feed the baby with food like custard, but since custard makes most babies urinate frequently, it is better prepared for them as breakfast than making it a lunch or dinner
Why Most Children Prefers Custard Over Other Food.
There are diverse types of custard brands in Nigeria as we have listed above and the reason why babies love them so much is that;
  • It is easy to digest
  • It is sweet and creamy
  • It has a very good look as well as taste.
  • They never get tired of it, unlike other solid foods
  • It is easy to swallow.
There are numerous other reasons why babies like custard than we have mentioned above. Besides, these reasons are relative to some children. But most children will surely fall in the category of reasons we have mentioned above.

Brands And Prices Of Baby Custards In Nigeria

S/N Custard Name/Brands Price
1 Gerber 2nd Foods Vanilla Custard Pudding 1,500
2 Gerber Multigrain Infant Cereal (6 Months+) – 454 G 4,000
3 Gerber Rice Single Grain Cereal (6 Months+) – 454g 3,000
4 Gerber Fruit and Food Pouches 1,500
5 Gerber Baby Cereals 2,800
6 Checkers Custard Powder 2kg 2,400
7 Checkers Custard Powder 3 in 1 4,400
8 Checkers Custard 2,100
9 Checker’s Instant Custard 3,500
10 Checkers Custard 2kg 3x 7,000
11 Family ChoCho Custard 4 in 1 sachet 500g 500
12 Family Milk Custard. 2,500
13 Heinz Baby Cereal 6 -36 Months 4,200
14 Heinz First Cereal 2,500
15 Heinz Pear and Apple Custard 2,000
16 Heinz Infant Creamed Porridge 6x120grams 4,200
17 Heinz Egg Custard With Rice Baby Pudding(6 Jar) 2,100
11 Heinz Mum’S Own Egg Custard 4 3,500
18 Heinz Fruity Banana Baby Custard 2,500

Frequently  Asked  Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions on the Lists Of 5 Best Custard For Babies In Nigeria.

Does Custard Make One Fat or Is Custard Fattening?

Custard is highly rich in fat due to the presence of sugar and many calories. So if you are the type of person who would not like to grow too much fat, then you should avoid taking food like custard. Alternatively, you can take pap instead.

Does Custard make babies fat?

Custard Dessert

Yes, the custard is very much recommended if you want your baby to grow fatter. Even though it might not be advisable to give your baby too much fatty food as such at a very young age.

But if you notice that your baby requires anything like fatty food, then I highly prescribe that you feed them with custard.

Custard And Pap Which Is Best For Babies?

Pap performs so many nutritional purposes in the body, added to this is the fact that it is even cheaper to make. hence it is a better option for babies over any type of custard. Most especially the local millet and guinea corn pap.

Is checkers custard good for babies?

Prepared Checker Custard

Checkers custard is enriched with sufficient vitamins and minerals necessary for your baby’s development. It can not only be taken by your little toddlers, it can as well be given to babies. It exists in varieties of flavors and colors that your baby cannot resist. It is an amazing meal for your baby as far as custard is concerned.

How Much is Checkers Custard?

Checkers custard cost around the average of 1900 naira upward. Although it depends on the size you want to buy. But averagely, you should get a checkers custard with about 1900 naira in your hand.

Is checkers custard good for pregnant women?

Yes, checker custard is made with pasteurized egg, hence it can be consumed by a pregnant woman without the fear of harming the baby. Checkers custard is one of the best custard brands in Nigeria. I suggest you navigate to this article to read a more detailed answer to this question.

Can pregnant women eat custard?

Is custard good for a 6-month-old baby?

Medically, babies who are 6 months of age are old enough to eat custard. If your baby is not up to six months, you should not give them custard powder. More so, let your baby be about a year old before you start introducing them to constant solid food.

Can a 7-month-old baby take custard?

Yes. A 7-month-old baby can eat custard. If your baby is above 6 months of age, you can start feeding them with custard. 

Can I Add Soya Beans Choco to my baby custard?

Yes, soya beans are one of the best sources of protein, and to make your custard even more nutritious and delicious, you should add them. 

Here is a detailed guide on how to make custard powder for your baby.

What Age Should Baby Eat Custard 

Here I will be answering one of the most asked questions by most parents, which is “What age can babies eat custard“?

So many parents are confused as to what age they should feed their babies with custard. Perhaps this type of question doesn’t come up only because of custard. It comes up on many occasions when you are indecisive on what food you can feed your babies. Especially when you are left in between very few food lists and you know what custard is what your baby can take without stressing yourself too much to feed them.

Yes, you are actually not alone. It is a question that also bothered me for a very long time. Quite a lot of time I have typed it to different search engines, google, bing, etc. I have even gone ahead to ask different nutritionists and all. But each time I asked, I couldn’t lay hold on any reasonable conclusion. This is most time very discouraging and heartbreaking.

Custard is one of the best food that you can ever give babies. Not just because most babies would readily eat it or crave it. But because it is easy to prepare, cheap to buy, and very easy to make in the comfort of your home.

But then, not all good-looking foods are good for consumption, especially when it comes to what you should feed babies. One has to be extremely careful about what should be given to them.

Haven known all these side advantages, I had to just intensify my research on when actually I can allow my babies to take custard such that it would not affect the babies’ health or growth. And here is what I have come out with.

When Should Babies Take Custard?

Nutritionally, Custard is majorly made-up of eggs and milk, and because of this, it has a lot of calcium as well a rich source of protein for babies, Hence, It is recommended for babies to start eating custard right from the age of 6 months. So if your baby is around the age range of 4, 5, to 6 months upward, you can start feeding them with custard.

Basically at this stage, they should have started crawling and should be very much active to some very obvious extent. This is important because they need to move around by themselves so as to be able to digest the custard well. Although, the custard is a food that is very easy to digest for babies. But is all always better to wait till your baby is active and able to move around before you start introducing them to food like custard.

We also have some schools of thought that believe that cow or sheep milk should not be given to babies below the age of 12 months (A year). And since custard is majorly made with milk and hence, it is not recommended to feed them with custard when they have not clocked 12 months.

Here is when you should start feeding your baby with custard

So, Can I Give My Baby Custard?

Yes, you can give your baby custard. But you should wait till your baby starts crawling, and is more active before you should consider feeding with custard. This helps the digestion and nourishes their system better than feeding them when they are below the active age.

Advisably, always visit, the nutritionist before you feed your baby any new food whatsoever. This will provide you with the best knowledge needed about the side effect of the food on the baby.

Also, if you have been feeding your baby with custard and you notice that your baby is doing fine, then you have no reason to fear. Since it doesn’t affect their growth and body development, then you can continue feeding your baby what he loves eating. And if your baby is rejecting it, you should consider waiting a bit more for them to grow. We hope this article helps you.

So, is custard good for newborn babies?

The simple answer is yes, the custard is very rich in nutrients for newborn babies. But ensure your baby is up to 6 months before you introduce pap and custard to them.

How To Make Yummy Eggy Custard For Your Baby

One Last thing before you go, you really need to see how this Banana eggy custard was made and try it out for your baby.

  • Title: How to make Banana eggy custard for babies
  • Video Credit:  Mummy’s Yum
  • Maker: Chioma
  • Video Source: YouTube
  • Video Duration: 2minute:56 seconds


The above are the best brands of custards that are available in most Nigerian Markets. They are very easy to prepare and are very easy to preserve. They were made with good seals that keep them in good state and condition.

These are the best brands of custards for your babies available in Nigeria.

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