Best Way to Immigrate to Canada with Little Money 2022

As a traditional welfare country, immigrating to Canada is the dream of many people who intend to settle overseas. In addition to its advantages in environment, education, economy and medical care, Canada is also a very inclusive country, which is the main reason why so many applicants are keen to know how to immigrate to Canada.

However, many believe that immigration is only a matter for the rich, especially in a welfare country like Canada. So in this article, you will learn how to immigrate to Canada with little money.

How to Migrate to Canada with Little Money

Rely on Parents

If one of the parents is a Canadian citizen, then the child is Canadian, regardless of whether he was born in Canada or not and can go to Canada easily.

However, the child must apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate and provide a parent’s birth certificate and other application documents.

Rely on Marriage

If one party is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, with one year of marriage or cohabitation (de facto marriage), the spouse or partner can become a permanent resident of Canada.

The same situation applies to homosexuals cohabiting in same-sex marriages or de facto marriages. However, the applicant must prove the authenticity of the relationship

Work Permit

Immigrate to Canada with Little Money

There are two main types of Canadian work visas,

The main difference between the two is that the open visa work visa does not specify an employer, so applicants holding an open visa can work with any employer and therefore immigrate to Canada easily.

On the contrary, applicants with closed visa can only work for a fixed employer. As the working relationship is terminated, the Canadian work visa will be automatically invalidated.

Open work permits are usually only available to international students who graduated in Canada, spouses of closed work permits, or some special short-term international cooperation projects in Canada.

Most foreigners who want to get a Canadian work visa require an employer to issue a labor contract, hence can only apply for the closed work permit.

Technical Immigrant

The materials to be investigated by skilled immigrants are relatively complicated, as there is need to use estimated score to see if it meets the criteria for skilled migration.

After scoring a series of requirements according to the individual’s age, education, IELTS score, etc., you can apply if the score is reached.

If you have a strong skill and 4-5 years of work experience in relevant field, it is very likely that the score will be lowered as appropriate.

At the same time, improving the IELTS score in the short term is also the most effective way to boost your overall score.

Self-employed Immigration

There are many conditions for self-employed immigration, such as sports, artists, dancers, painters, or individuals/companies engaged in art and culture.

Since 2019, the number of self-employed immigration applicants has been increasing rapidly. Compared with other immigration projects, the gate is less congested and secures a relatively easy immigration to Canada, but they must also meet fixed conditions.

This conditions include:

  • having more than two years of relevant industry experience in the past five years.
  • Meet the scoring mechanism (100 points reach 35 points) requirements.

Employer Sponsored Immigration

Employer sponsored immigration is an immigration method based on the employer.

The applicant must first find an employer in Canada and obtain the employer’s letter of appointment, and then the applicant and the employer jointly file an immigration application with the Immigration Bureau.

So this is an immigration project that requires a high degree of cooperation from employers.

The project has relatively low requirements, faster processing speed, and simpler document preparation, so it is widely favored by applicants. The relatively popular provinces are BC, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and the Atlantic provinces.

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