8 Best Solid Food For 6 Month Baby In Nigeria

best Solid food for 6 month baby

Best Solid Food For 6 Month Baby In Nigeria  – Good solid baby food is important – I mean extremely important.

The importance of this cannot just be overemphasized, especially from the very day the parent starts having thoughts of weaning.

However, it is generally believed that the best and only source of food which contains all the required nutrients necessary for the proper growth and development of little infants is the breast, a statement which has also been confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Feeding the baby exclusively with breast milk for a minimum of 6 months is highly recommended. However, there might be a need to start introducing some new kinds of food to their menu while trying to stop breastfeeding.

Although most parents aren’t ignorant of this, the problem is that some are not just sure of the exact types of food they should give to a baby of 6 months that will be a good substitute for breast milk. If you are in this shoe, then worry no more we have you covered.

8 Best Solid Food For 6 Month Baby In Nigeria In 2021

Below is the compilation of the best 8 solid Nigerian food you can give your 6 monthly babies in 2021 that will make them keep kicking.

They are very cost-efficient, easy to prepare, and yet very much nutritious a-solid for your 6-month-old baby.

Let’s go!

1. Pap


Nigerian Ogi/Pap/Akanmu

Of no doubt, Pap will be number one on this list. It is one of the most ancient food, especially in Nigeria. Averagely is there any Nigerian who wasn’t introduced to pap while being nurtured?

The reason for this is its nutritional value. Added to this is the cost efficiency and availability as well as the ease of preparation.

The beauty of this solid baby food is that it can be taken by the baby even when he or she is yet to develop any teeth.

Pap is made from processed corn. Even though I am not here to tell you how to prepare pap, I want to believe it is something you can learn to make within a couple of minutes yes! It is as easy as that.

However, to make your pap even more nutritious as well as healthy, there are other ingredients you can add to them while preparing it, are;

  • Ginger
  • Soya beans.

Just to mention but few.

pap with milk

All the two above listed should be added before grinding your corn to allow it to go through a complete and proper process of preparation.

Even though there are some already ready-made soya beans you can add separately after preparing the pap, but I would not advise you to do that. So, ensure to have your ginger or soya milk blended with the pap to avoid feeding your baby with unprocessed food.

It is however important to start introducing this to your babies before you totally stop breastfeeding them. Probably you can add like two to three full spoons of it to their meal twice a day for a start, then as time goes on, increase the measurement and reduce the interval.

Why should baby pap?

  1. It is extremely cheap and affordable
  2. It can be prepared in just 5 minutes
  3. You can add as many other additional ingredients to make it even more nourishing
  4. It can be eaten by all babies.
  5. Even a one-month-old baby whose parent

For a detailed guide on how you can make a very good dry/ powdered pap for your baby, then I recommend the article below.

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2. Semo


Semmo for babies

Semo is one of the commonest food on Nigeria’s food menu. It is one of the most readily available, easy to prepare food, especially among the adult.

A very good way to avoid the hardness of most Nigerian solid food is to just add up food like Semo into the menu.

With its level of nutritional value, it is a very good option to be included in the baby’s food.

It can be prepared in several forms depending on how one prefers it. Some would prefer it to be in a very solid form, some would also prefer to go for the semi-solid, while some would prefer it to be in a soft-liquified form.

how to make semo for babies

Different people have different modes of eating this food since the solid form provides one with different varieties of soup choices to make it even more delicious.

However, in the case of a 6-month-old baby, it is recommended that it be made in semi-liquid form to make it consumable for them to take any other food like pap.

It is very important to cook our Semo very well on the fire in other to avoid it from getting just half-done, which might not be too healthy for a baby of that age.

While preparing this on the fire, you can as well add some other nutritional ingredients to make it even more attractive and delicious for them. Some of the things you can add includes;

  • Milk
  • Beverage
  • Grounded crayfish etc.

Also, kindly note that once you make semo for your baby, it might not be easy to preserve them the way you will preserve food like Pap. It can become watery easily if it is not properly cooked on the fire.

Either way, it can easily become hard if It is prepared in a solid form when it is not covered on time. Hence,

Since we are particular about children within the age of 6 months and we are thence required to make it in a semi-liquid form, you must ensure to cook it well on the fire

As said earlier, allow it to get cold for a few minutes to avoid condensation, then cover it up in a flask in other for the surface not to get thicker than usual.

3. Custard


Custard for babies served in a plate

Custard is a great food popular among both adults and children due to its nutritional value and ease of preparation.

It can also be regarded a fast food because it takes just a little time to get it on the plate on the table.

Custard powder is obtained from a precessed maize and the process of preparation is similar to that of Pap.

The bad side to the preparation of the custard powder is that it cannot be locally or domestically prepared just the way one will prepare Pap at one’s comfort zone. It can only be prepared industrially.

It is good food for children who are yet to grow teeth within the age range of 4, 5, 6 months to one year.

Since it is industrially produced, it comes out in different varieties of colours and flavours. Some of the available flavour options include; Orange, Vanilla, and many others.

To make your baby custard even more delicious and nutritious, you might consider adding some additional ingredients to spice it up. Among which are;

  • Soya Beans
  • Ginger: This should be in little quantity
  • Beverages. etc.

Unfortunately, a food like custard is a one-time food which, when prepared, can only be eaten immediately, meaning that it cannot be preserved in a flask the way you would prefer Pap, Semo, or any other baby food for some few hours.

It is a one-time food and can only be eaten few minutes to the time of preparation, hence, preparing the exact quantity the baby will eat at once is necessary depending on how well the baby eats. Probably you would need a measuring material to avoid food wastage.

Although custard is a very good food option, it is not good when food is too monotonous. Hence, a need to add some other food like Oat is necessary.

For the list of best custard powder for babies available in Nigeria I recommend you to read this article

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4. Eggs


Three Eggs

The egg is widely accepted to be one of the greatest sources of protein for the body. A single take of egg daily covers up for all the required protein required of a normal body in a day.

White eggs in a crate

Including this powerhouse of nutrients would be just perfect for a six-month-old baby. An egg takes very little time to get done for consumption. All you need is to boil and remove the shell and get the yoke of the egg which is the needed part.

fried egg served in a plate

Once the yoke is out, mash it up and add little water if you want to feed the baby directly. However, if the baby does not take it that way. Then you might consider adding it to other meals. Like Rice, noodles, Potato, etc.

You might as well add the egg while preparing your baby’s pap. How?

For a six-month-old baby, Simply paste 2/4 measure of an egg to the measure of a pap the baby will consume at least 6-7 times or for a whole day. Ensure you mix them up together until the two contents (egg + Pap) become homogenous. Once this is done, then you can go ahead and prepared the pap the normal way you do prepare it.

Fried egg in a plate

Please, kindly ensure to boil the egg properly on fire if you aren’t using the method we suggested above.

To know more about the nutritional benefits of eggs for babies, I recommend you to read this article

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5. Potatoes


Three potatoes tubbers

Looking for the best source of carbohydrates for your 6-month baby? Then consider adding food like Potatoes to the baby’s menu.

Potato is a great source of protein which is approximately effortless in preparation. Although, might not be as easy as you would prepare other food we have listed earlier.Potatoe porrige served in a plate

The process of making this food is very simple and takes just a little time to get ready. It is however important to cook the potato very well until it is soft, an half-done potato might not be healthy for a 6-month baby as well as babies in general.

Potatoe is the best eatable for babies when it is soft and mashed. You can as well add some other supplements to make this even more nutritious for the baby. some of the things you can mash with the potato are;

  • Crayfish
  • Fish (Ensure to remove all the bones if you are going for fish).
  • Oil or Palm Oil, etc.

Served Potatoes Porridge

Potatoes can as well be prepared in the form of porridge. Hence, if you want to go with the option of porridge, you might want to consider adding a bit of onion, green leaves, etc. Please, you do not need to add Maggi, Salt, or pepper while preparing the potato porridge since it is naturally sweet.

To know how to make potato puree for your baby, I recommend you watch this video

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6. Beans

Beans Oloyin in a bowl

This is another very good source of protein as well as fibre and antioxidants.

The bad side of this food despite its high nutritional value is that the process of making this might take a whole lot of time and even longer than the way you might prepare it for adults.Cooked beans in a plate for babies

It must be very soft to make it eatable for your babies.

Cooked beans in a plate

You might as well add some other ingredients to your baby’s beans while cooking them. One of which you can is a grounded Crayfish.

7. Rice

Can i give my baby a cooked rice

Wondering if your little six-month-old babies can eat rice? Yes! they can

Rice is also a very good source of carbohydrates and is best eaten when boiled.

Unlike most of the other solid foods we have mentioned above, rice takes a little longer time to get done just like beans would.

Cooked rice for baby in a plate

It can be prepared in different forms, but for the sake of babies, It should be prepared in a whitish form because this will require you to add just a few ingredients to it as too many ingredients might not be good for your little infants.

You might as well add little spices to it since you aren’t going to add stew or pepper while preparing the rice. Some of the ingredients you might consider adding includes;

  • Crayfish (A substitute for Maggi and salt)
  • Onions
  • Olive Oil
  • Titus Fish

8. Vegetable

The vegetable is generally believed to be good for all age range and your six-month-old baby is not an exception.

It is very much rich in iron and blessed with antioxidants, and some other very important vitamins necessary for the proper development of the baby.

It can be feed upon by a baby who is yet to even develop teeth when it is cooked too soft. It is also very cost-efficient and is easy to prepare.

The good side of this is that you can include vegetables in most of your children’s diet like Portage, Potato, Indomie, Beans, Rice, etc.

Frequently Asked Question

Below are answers to frequently asked questions on 8 Best Solid Food For 6 Month Baby In Nigeria In 2021.

How Many Solids Should An 8-month Old Eat?

There is no specific measure to how much a 6-month-old baby should eat, but it is expected that none of the above solid food should be eaten too often, especially when the baby is still within the age range of 4-12 months.

When Should Start Giving 8 Months Baby Solid Food?

There are several recommendations on this date, there have been different dates published on the internet on this, but it is averagely acceptable that you can start giving solid food just when your baby starts showing interest in it.

What Solid Food Should 8 Months Baby Eat In A Day?

Babies generally love to eat cereal type of food, So it is most preferable to give them what you are sure they will love to eat without any stress and on the other hand, will nourish their body.


Good food is very important for little children, especially when they are within their developmental stage like 0-24 months, Hence the right menu is very much required to give them the nutrient they actually need for their development.

The above-listed food is very much available and affordable and we are well sure that if your try any one of them out, the difference will be extremely clear in few weeks of feeding.

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