List Of Foods For 7 Months Old Baby In Nigeria

Food For 7 Months Old Baby In Nigeria

List Of Food For 7 Months Old Baby In Nigeria – These are the best food you can give to your little infants to make them grow and develop well.

Like I have been saying and emphasizing in most of my other articles on baby food in Nigeria, I have always spoken of the importance of breastmilk as the most recommended meal for a baby at a little age. I also went as far a quoting the fact that even WHO made it known that mother must feed their babies with exclusive breastmilk for a minimum of 6 months.

There are tons and a number of reasons why this is important. The amount of nutrients you are passing to your baby at this age without any force since all babies love to take breastmilk is incomparable to what they will get from any other form of food.

However, after this first six months of exclusive feeding with the breastmilk, it is important to start adding including other forms of food to their food menu.

Now, even though this is what most people actually know as well as expecting, but the problem for most people is their indecision on the type of food to actually give their baby who is not 7 months of age that will be best for their body.

Without a doubt, there is a wholesome lot of bay food out there that isn’t healthy for the baby, and as such, it isn’t recommended to give such food to them.

If you want the total physical and mental development of your babies, then you need to feed them with the right choice of food once you have weaned them at the age of 6 months. But here today, we are going to talk only about the food you can start giving them at exactly 7 months of age.


List Of Food For 7 Months Old Baby In Nigeria

In this article is the list of the best baby for in Nigeria for babies who are up to the age of 7 months. They Should not use to totally replace the breastmilk, but I am well certain to a very good extent that they contain all your baby need to develop very well. Let’s run through this list.

1. Custard

Custard is a whole family food that can be eaten by any member of the family. It is a portion of food filled with lots of nutrients best for your baby.

It’s a variety of culinary preparations that are based on sweetened milk cooked together with cheese or cream, or egg and preferably, egg yolk. It can sometimes be prepared with flour, corn starch, or even gelatin.

There are actually many other varieties of custards which are dependent on the kind of recipes used to make it.

custard can appear in thin pouring sauce, thick pastry cream, or semi-solid pastry when prepared. However, the most common type of custards are use in custard desserts, and generally; all custards are made with sugar, and sometimes, one might include vanilla depending on the kind of output you would want to get.

2. Pap

Pap is one of the first and best meals use to wean children or babies in Nigeria. Pap is quite a popular and generally acceptable dish for every Nigerian kid both in the North, South, East and in the West.

In some parts of the country, it is otherwise called Akamu, while the Yorubas call it Ogi and the Hausas call it Koko. Probably there are other names you call in in your language, you may do well to let us know via the comment session.

Pap is one of the best food you can offer a 7-month old baby A very good replicate of Custard. We can otherwise say that Custard is for English, while Pap is for Local”. It is not local in the real sense, it’s the only sign that is locally or domestically produced and not industrially.

There are different variations of Pap. Ranging from brown – made from guinea corn to white – made from white Millet to yellow – made from yellow maize. Any of the ones you decide to choose between these three variations of Pap will do just fine on your baby.

The good side of Pap is the economic advantage. It is a homemade food made from local recipes that one can find in any local store. Also, it doesn’t need much expertise to make the raw pap.

Although it is best if you can make the Pap you want to feed your baby with by yourself, if you cannot go through the stress of grinding as sieving because it is truly tedious, then you can always buy the already made one from the store, but ensure not to feed your baby with a Pap that has been prepared on fire-cooked because it is not hygienic.

Pap made from corn present you baby majorly with carbohydrate, while the one made from millet and guinea corn offers some other nutritional benefits like protein, vitamins, minerals as well as other things required for the development of the baby.

You can as well fortify the nourishing ability of Pap by mixing or preparing it together with other recipes like Soya beans, Fruit purees, grounded fish, grounded crayfish although I am not going to fully support adding too much of this at once since your baby is still 7 month of age. The combination of all these stirs up the nutritional value of homemade traditional baby food.

3. Oath

Oath is another very good food option for your baby. It has many nutritional benefits. It is very easy to make because it is not locally made.

Oatmeal offers different nutritional benefits for all babies depending on their age. It is very easy for them to digest the food and at the same time even lighter than rice and easily get done in little time compared to other foods. It also provides the baby with lots of energy and also fosters their immune system. It is also filled with lots of minerals and vitamins that the baby needs for their bone and brain development.

The standard Oatmeal is rich in Zinc, vitamins, magnesium, protein, and some other useful component needed by the baby.

Advisably, you should ensure to test whether your baby will eat the oath if that is your first time pf preparing it for the baby. So might have an allergy to it. hence it is better to test them with little quantity before you’ll go ahead to purchase it in large quantity which might lead to food wastage if the baby did not eventually eat it.

More about Quaker Oath: Quaker Oath is oatmeal that has been in existence since 1922. It has different variations and all can be prepared within a matter of minutes.

You can as well add some other things like Fruit purees, apple, banana, honey, and some other things to make it even more nutritious.

4. Potatoes

Potatoes are a great meal option for a baby. The fact that it is even locally available in almost all places makes it easily accessible and at the same time, cost-efficient.

Potatoes are solid for you can introduce to your baby once he is around the age of 6 months.

Potatoes are very well rich in potassium and vitamin B6 and C. Also, it contains anthocyanins – an antioxidant that supports the brain and aids vision. This also helps to boost the immune system of the baby.

Potatoes can be made in different forms and dishes for your baby. You can make it in form of puree, you can make it as porridge, you can also cook it alongside with mashed beans, depending on how your baby would like to take it.

Some other food options include;

  • Noodle
  • Rice
  • Avocado
  • Fruit
  • Egg
  • Vegetable
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You must start feeding your baby with the best meal possible especially within your first period of warning them which is the 7th month. You should try as much as possible to feed them with different varieties of food and not just stick to one so that they would develop an allergy to some food.

Most of the food I have mentioned in this post is very cheap and affordable to buy and I am well sure that they will be just fine and okay with your little 7-month-old baby. to know more and view more food option for you baby.

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