Is Marketing A Good Career Choice? –8 Best Marketing Career Paths In 2022

Is Marketing A Good Career Choice? –8 Best Marketing Career Paths In 2022

With marketing forming a vital part of business promotion, plenty of young people might want to know if a career in marketing is any befitting.

Marketing is a really broad field and so, there’s probably the need to discuss some of the best marketing career paths.

Therefore in this post, we’ll not only answer the question “Is marketing a good career choice?”, but also provide you with a list of the 8 best marketing career paths in 2022.

Is Marketing a Good Career Choice?

We’d like to buttress the assertion “marketing is a good career choice” by discussing some of the benefits inherent in a marketing career.

Freedom to Go Creative

For the fact that marketing itself is a field where creativity is substantially employed in an effort to promote products/services, there’s just no way the marketer wouldn’t have the freedom to exercise their creativity.

Without any doubt, lots of brands favor hiring marketing professionals who have excellent track records in rendering creative solutions to the marketing problems of clients. Because it is the job of a marketer to devise the right strategy that would persuade prospects to accept and adopt a product/service, it’s hard to deny that creativity constitutes the hallmark of the marketer.

Potential to Earn Big

Besides allowing you the chance to exercise your creativity, a career in marketing might be your passport to earning big. Working in a marketing or sales position can guarantee you certain monetary benefits in addition to your basic salary. For instance, there are marketing/sales personnel who earn commissions for whatever sales that a company generates through them.

Salary-wise, a marketing career is considered beneficial as there are marketing professionals –such as marketing managers and sales managers –who averagely earn above $100,000 annually.

If you hold a marketing/sales degree and possess the drive to break into a competitive creative world, nothing should stop you from reaching the echelon of best-paid marketing professionals.

Opportunity to Collaborate with Other Professionals

If you’ve always craved working in an environment that allows you to share ideas with other creative minds and work out the best ways to help clients achieve their goals, marketing is likely an ideal career path for you.

Generally, marketing is a profession that will, most likely, condition you to work with others within a group. Depending on the task at hand, you could work with company staff within and outside your marketing department. It therefore suffices that a career in marketing stimulates you to learn the work ethics and attitude that enable you to function well in a team.

Chance to Work on a Flexible Basis

It is beyond doubt that marketing falls among the fields with the highest concentration of remote workers, thanks to the unwavering sway of digital marketing. Meanwhile, we also can’t deny that remote jobs are increasingly the best bet for most people looking to work on a flexible basis.

Except they lack the attitude to operate remotely, a marketer just can’t go wrong with the choice of working online. Ranging from content marketing to social media ad creation, the tasks a marketer can execute online are pretty many.

Moreover, working on a flexible basis is probably the best way to avoid the stress induced by rigid and prolonged work hours.

Opportunity to Diversify

Marketing is a diverse field, and the good thing about this is that you can switch between roles as well as combine roles within the marketing profession.

Lots of individuals in the marketing field have grown massively by combining other job titles with their initial job titles in the field. This is simply because marketing doesn’t restrict you to a single job title all through your career.

Provided they have the required skill set, a marketer who started out as a social media marketer can easily diversify to other marketing paths such as email marketing, content marketing, and SEM.

What Are the 8 Best Marketing Career Paths in 2022?

1.Email Marketing

With email still incredibly a relevant medium, it is unsurprising that email marketing has always remained one of the commonest career paths in modern-day marketing. Interestingly, e-mail marketing also falls among the best-paying marketing careers out there. The annual salary of professionals in this marketing path ranges between $40,000 and $69,000.

In email marketing, the email is the sole medium for getting content –digital promotions, email messages, etc. –in front of customers and prospects. While the email remains a great channel of communication, email marketing experts rely on the strength of this channel to help their clients build and sustain customer engagement.

Professionals in this career path are known as “email marketers”, and one of their responsibilities is to leverage digital marketing for boosting clients’ business sales and revenue. Basically, an email marketer creates engaging emails, builds email lists, and optimizes digital promotions for clients.

The job of the email marketer is a skill-based role where one must exercise design proficiency and creative communication skills. Other handy skills the email marketer should possess include data analysis and proficiency in HTML.

2.Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a very influential marketing career in today’s digital world. Any internet-savvy individual would readily accept that Google and certain other search engines are so influential that lots of companies/brands are dying to have their web content dominate search results.

Many companies, website owners, etc., engage the services of SEO/SEM experts, making SEO-SEM one of the high-paying marketing career paths. As an SEM expert, you’d be charged with the duty of helping clients market their websites.

In other words, the SEM expert must be able to use paid adverts in Google and other search engines for augmenting a website’s ranking in terms of revenue, audience visits, conversions, and so on. The overall goal here is to help the website grow massively and outperform competitors.

While SEM and SEO are closely related, an SEO expert is specifically charged with the duties of boosting a website’s keyword performance, suggesting technical SEO tips, and boosting a site’s overall ranking in search engines. Experts in either of SEO and SEM are well paid. While the yearly salary of SEM specialists ranges between $36,000 and $67,000, SEO specialists earn in the range of $34,000 –$64,000 yearly.

In addition to the basic (analytical and persuasive) capabilities for succeeding in marketing, the specialized skills you need to operate as an SEO/SEM expert include proficiency in Google Analytics, search engine trends, Google AdWords, etc.

3.Growth (Hacking) Marketing

This marketing path extensively thrives on customer retention. Bearing this in mind, growth marketers leverage their creativity as well as digital marketing proficiency in building and sustaining customer engagement for their clients.

In general, growth marketing –or growth hacking –is a form of marketing aimed at growing the entire funnel. This, of course, is one of the reasons why growth marketers collaborate with personnel in other marketing units/departments including PR, media, SEM and SEO. Interestingly, the annual salary of growth marketers ranges between $46,000 and $146,000.

While growth marketers must possess a great deal of creativity, their duties are quite broad and may include content creation, A/B testing, user experience (UX) design, and optimization of conversion funnel. Other capabilities that enable the growth marketer to excel in their job include data interpretation and application skills, and problem-solving capacity.

4.Social Media Marketing

If you’re quite familiar with trends in online marketing or have heard one or two things about online marketing, chances are that you already know what social media marketing is all about.

Unarguably, social media marketing is one of the commonest forms of online marketing, thanks to the overwhelming popularity of social media. In simple terms, social media marketing entails marketing or promoting a brand or its products/services through use of popular social networks –Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Social media presence is fast becoming one of the most vital forms of (online) presence for companies looking to leverage the internet. This is why such companies will, more than likely, hire social media marketers whose job is to handle almost everything that pertains to the companies’ social presence. The annual salary of social media marketers ranges between $35,000 and $81,000.

Besides the fact that they’re expected to possess communication skills, social media marketers must be able to manage their clients’ social media handles, create engaging social media content, follow social media trends, engage the clients’ social media followers, and leverage social media for customer service.

5.Event Marketing

This is the marketing path considered ideal for marketing experts who would like to help big brands/companies organize and promote their events. Event marketers are usually hired by top brands because they (the brands) understand that well-organized events are a proven avenue to target more prospects, while still entertaining current customers.

While communication –including written and digital –skills are a necessity for the event marketer, specialists in event marketing must possess profound organizational and negotiation skills. Event marketers are charged with several duties which include organizing/conducting marketing campaigns, coordinating a marketing team, creating marketing content, and organizing (promotional) events. The annual salary of event marketers ranges between $37,000 and $77,000, making it believable that event marketing is a well-paying marketing career.

6.Content Marketing

Content marketing is fast becoming a separate marketing path, as against the widespread belief that it is an aspect of digital marketing. It’s a vastly favored option among individuals eying careers in the field of marketing. One of the attractive sides of this marketing path is its reasonable pay; the annual salary of content marketers ranges between $36,000 and $81,000.

The digital space is awash with content in various forms including visual, audio and audio-visual. Part of this content is the dozens of artistic works that have been transformed into digital forms for the purpose of sharing online. For such digitized artistic works to reach lots of audience and rake in profits, their owners might be willing to hire the best hands in content marketing.

Content marketers are marketing experts who devise the strategy and means for promoting differing content –videos, audios, blog content, etc. They are expected to possess writing/editing proficiency. While content marketers must be able to grow online audience for the content they are marketing, these marketing experts need to be specifically skilled in use of content creation/management tools.

7.Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the marketing paths that have massively benefitted from the boom of social media. Today, lots of individuals –celebrities, popular content creators, etc. –leverage their huge social media following to win acceptance and patronage for the products/services of clients. Content creators, celebrities and others who do this are simply known as influencer marketers.

The clients of influencer marketers are big brands/companies looking to garner more buyers or customers for their products/services by marketing the products/services through these influencers. At the moment, we can’t provide any exact salary figure about influencer marketers, but it is beyond doubt that influencer markers are highly paid professionals.

8.Product/Brand Management

While product/brand management counts as a high-paying career path, professionals who fit into this path must have gathered experience in the areas of product development, marketing research, and advertising. Some product/brand managers out there are believed to have previously held relevant (entry-level) positions as business development trainees, marketing assistants, sales representatives, market research analysts, etc.

The general responsibility of a product/brand manager is to supervise all the activities involved in product/service marketing. As an overseer, the product/brand manager must be able to coordinate the activities of subordinates in their company’s other departments/units such as media planning, marketing, and advertising. The average annual salary of brand managers hovers around $89,823.

Essentially, the brand manager must be able to work (i.e. strategize) with their company’s other top executives especially on matters involving product/brand management. This is perhaps where the brand/product manager exercises their analytical skills.


Are There High-Paying Marketing Jobs?

Certainly, there are many marketing jobs that pay above $100,000 annually. Salary-wise, marketing jobs are generally reasonable, but your guaranty of earning very high depends on various factors –job title, skill set, experience, and location.

Can I Break into the Marketing Field without a Marketing Degree?

Yes, and in fact, marketing is one of the professions where people without relevant degrees have carved out remarkable success for themselves. Advisably, you mustn’t allow your seemingly “irrelevant” academic degree to discourage you from pursuing a marketing career. Some of the best marketing professionals (especially digital marketers) out there do not have marketing degrees. This is probably because skills –inclusive of communication, analytical and certain digital skills –are the most important ingredients for succeeding in today’s marketing world.

Are Online Marketing Certification Programs Worth Enrolling in?

By learning through the free-to-access online materials for your preferred (digital) marketing path, you too could become a (self-taught digital) marketer. If you however feel the knowledge from those free materials isn’t enough for you to appear professional, you may consider adding a certification to your CV.

In that wise, it could be worthwhile that you enroll in one of the best online marketing certification programs out there.


Because many businesses highly depend on marketing activities in order to promote products/services, there’s bound to be continuous demand for marketing professionals.

We’re hopeful that our list of the 8 best marketing career paths in 2022, along with the benefits of a marketing career, is enough to convince you that marketing is a good career choice.


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