Best Military Courses in South Africa

A military school or academy is an educational institution set up to prepare students for officer corps in South African forces. 

Lists of Military Schools in South Africa

  • South Army Combat Training Center

  • South African Military Academy

  • Stellenbosch University


South African Military Academy is founded based on similar military perception and principles to that of the Military Academy systems of the United States and other countries. 


Stellenbosch University offers military science for full-time undergraduate studies.

Requirements for a Military School in South Africa

A high school diploma is the most desirable requirement to join the military school in South Africa. Candidates with General Education Development (GED) can enlist but may be limited to some opportunities. 

To qualify for any of the military courses in South Africa, you must:

  • Be a South African citizen

  • Be between the age of 18 and 22 years. 

  • Have no criminal record.

  • Preferably be single.

  • Not be area-bound.

  • Graduates must be up to 26 years of age. 

How much does a South African Earn? 

The South African National Defense Force pays its employees an average salary range of R131,250k to R444,687k per annum. 

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What are the Courses Offered at Military Schools in South Africa? 

Stellenbosch Military Academy offers military science in the following areas:

  • Higher Certificate in Military.

  • Bachelor of Military Science.

  • Bachelor of Military Science with honours.

  • Masters of Military Science.

  • Master of Philosophy in security management. Visit Stellenbosch for more details. 


Military courses in South Africa have been accessible through Universities in South Africa that offer military courses. To apply for any military course in South Africa, you must be up to age and must not have any criminal record. Working as a soldier in the South African armed forces can earn you an average of R131,250k to R444,687k per annum. 

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