New York University Acceptance Rate, Admission Statistics, And Class Of 2022

New York University Acceptance Rate, Admission Statistics, And Class Of 2022

Besides being a top-class private research institution, New York University (NYU) is one of the world’s most difficult universities to get into. If you’re looking to gain admission into one of the best universities in the United States, chances are that New York University is your topmost choice.

New York University is a US-based academic institution with remarkable standing as the fourth best medical school in the world. It is a reputable citadel of learning with several other impressive rankings. While it has been ranked as the best school for Master’s in Art Therapy programs, NYU also dominates rankings as the best law school by median salary.


It is a well-known fact that New York University has a low acceptance rate for virtually any category of individuals applying to the school. To help you learn your chances of entry into NYU, we have come up with genuine information about the university’s general acceptance rate as well as the acceptance rates for some of its subsidiary schools –notably law school, medical school, business school, and school of the arts.

NYU’s Acceptance Rate 2022

Although there are varied acceptance rates depending on academic programs, student categories, etc., New York University is a generally competitive university. It is, in fact, one of the most difficult US universities to get into.

While NYU’s general acceptance rate stands at 12.2%, the NYU admission rate for individuals applying as first-year students hovers around 16.2%. There’s also a 16.2% admission rate for those applying to the university as international students. As for transfer students, the NYU admission rate is estimated at 24.63%.

For the Class of 2022, which is considered historic and which has been deemed more challenging than preceding years in terms of NYU admission, only 15,722 applicants were accepted from the total of 75,037 persons who applied to NYU. From the stated statistics, it’s clear that the acceptance rate for the Class of 2022 at New York University stood at 21%.

Acceptance Rate for NYU Law School

The New York University School of Law is a highly ranked citadel of learning which imparts legal education and practical skills to its students. It houses 25 campus centers and 30+ legal clinics where second-year and third-year students can put their knowledge to test.

NYU School of Law particularly features the Lawyering Program, which is a great avenue for law students to acquire legal practical skills. The school also offers Colloquia where its law students partake in various seminar classes.

While NYU School of Law maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of 5.8:1, the school charges a reasonable application fee –to the tune of $85 –for its full-time study mode. NYU School of Law is considerably one of the prestigious law schools around, though its full-time tuition fee of $71,304 appears relatively high. Among schools charging the highest full-time tuition for in-state law students, NYU School of Law unsurprisingly ranks fifth.

In terms of rankings, NYU School of Law is unarguably one of the top law schools around. While it has been ranked as the sixth best law school, the school occupies the fourth place on the list of schools with the best median LSAT scores. Other important rankings where the school has excelled include Bar Passage Rate and Median Undergraduate GPA, with the the school ranking 9th in each of these indicators.

Various markers of excellence are used in ranking schools. While it is impressive that NYU Law School has performed remarkably in all of the important markers, the acceptance rate for this prestigious and highly ranked law school is sadly low (21.6%).

Acceptance Rate for NYU Medical School

New York University (NYU) Medical School is evidently one of the most attractive medical schools in the United States. One of the reasons for this is that NYU Medical School is tuition-free. It’s also one of the schools most commonly chosen by medical school aspirants in the United States.

Admission into NYU Medical School is so competitive that only about 12% of 8,937 applicants were selected to be interviewed. Also, only 21% of the interviewed applicants were eventually accepted. The competition for entry into this prestigious medical school remains tough, and this is why the school’s 2.45% acceptance rate doesn’t spring any surprise.

While NYU Medical School occupies a place among the best medical schools out there, the school was ranked in 2020 as the 44th best medical school for primary care and 9th best medical school for research. Notwithstanding that admission into NYU Medical School is very competitive, myriads of medical school aspirants continue to pick the school.

If you possess excellent records with respect to the various categories of requirements for admission into this medical school, you may go ahead with your application. You might also want to know if your NYU medical school application is actually strong. Here are some of the areas of requirements where you need to excel before your NYU medical school application can prove competitive: Application and Secondary Essay Requirements; MCAT Requirements; WES Standards; Experience Requirements; and GPA Requirements.

Acceptance Rate for NYU Tisch School of Arts

The Tisch School of the Arts at New York University has evolved into a full-fledged art school which now comprises the Department of Dramatic Writing, the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, the Department of Art and Public Policy, the Interactive Telecommunications Department, the Department of Photography and Imaging, and the Department of Performance Studies.

Admission into NYU Tisch School of the Arts isn’t as competitive as that of NYU Medical School, but applicants should note that this school adopts a highly selective admission process. In simple terms, it’s a procedure with two key parts – an artistic review and the regular application for admission –for applicants to deal with.

The reason for this highly selective admission procedure is pretty simple: NYU Tisch School of the Arts is looking for applicants who meet the school’s high artistic and academic standards. If you’re an aspirant of this school, it behooves you to start practicing how to tell an interesting story about yourself. Be prepared to give a detailed narration of your personality, accomplishments and/or ambitions.

Situated within the confines of a research institution, precisely the New York University, the Tisch School of the Arts is a prestigious art school whose foundational purpose was to offer film and theatre training, while operating at the level of a conservatory. In reality, NYU Tisch School of the Arts is now one of the popular US schools for cinema studies, dance, theater design, and certain other art-related studies.

If you arm yourself with excellent qualifications as well as the core requirements for your preferred department or course, you might be lucky to gain admission into NYU Tisch School of the Arts where the acceptance rate stands at 19%

Acceptance Rate for NYU Stern Business School

NYU Stern Business School falls among the top-ranked business schools in the nation. It is a citadel of business education which awards the B.Sc. and a Business major to all its undergraduate students except  those enrolled in Business and Political Economy (BPE).

According to the U.S. News and World Report, NYU Stern Business School featured in the ranking of top 2 schools for Finance program and the International Business programs in the US. NYU Stern Business School has also been ranked remarkably on other grounds, including ranking as the fourth best school for part-time MBA as well as occupying the 10th place among the best business schools.

In terms of tuition charges, NYU Stern Business School may be considered one of the (business) schools with relatively high full-time tuition. While the school’s per-credit part-time tuition stands at $2,375, the yearly tuition for its full-time program hovers around $76,780. Nonetheless, one of the pointers to the fact that the school compensates for this high full-time tuition is that over 70% of its full-time degree graduates secure employment.

NYU Stern Business School offers a great learning environment packed with the fun atmosphere, activities and opportunities that many MBA students would be looking to get. For example, the school allows its students to select from three differing areas of specialization, which include entrepreneurship, luxury marketing, and the development of innovative products or services.

Considering the amazing opportunities it offers, and the fact that it’s been touted as NYU’s most prestigious school, the Stern Business School should expectedly have a low acceptance rate. While its acceptance rate for transfer students stood at 2% in 2019, NYU Stern Business School maintains a 5% (general) acceptance rate, implying that the competition for entry into this school is very tough.

Requirements (and Things to Note) for NYU Admission Application

These requirements majorly include the academic results (grades) and the documents that NYU applicants should arm themselves with while applying through the university’s online application portal.

As for the SAT and/or ACT scores, NYU expects applicants to have scores in the ranges of 29-34 and 1310-1510 for ACT and SAT respectively. While NYU takes in students for admission across summer, fall, and spring sessions, the university requires work experience from those applying for certain graduate programs.

While the acceptance rate of NYU may be considered as ranging between 16% and 28%, it is also noteworthy that international applicants are expected to pay application fees to the tune of $80.

As for the submission of documents during the application, it should be noted that NYU expects to receive duplicates, rather than the original copies of applicants’ documents. For select NYU programs –where a portfolio or an audition is required –applicants should attach such supplementary materials as DVDs, articles, formats, pictures and so on.

Note: NYU notifies applicants about their application status. The waiting period to find out about your application status is three weeks after submitting the application. If your application has been duly received by NYU, the school will indicate this in the notification you’ll receive three weeks after the application. NYU will also provide you with guidelines on how to monitor your admission status.


NYU Admission Statistics between 2017 and 2022

The table below shows NYU’s statistics (total no. of applications, no. of accepted applicants, and corresponding acceptance rates) between 2017 and 2022. The table separately reveals the relevant data for each of the years in the stated period.

Total no. of applications No. of accepted applicants Acceptance rates (%) Years
75,037 15,722 20.95 2022
67,232 18,520 27.55 2021
63,702 19,000 29.83 2020
60,322 18,500 30.67 2019
52,000 19,000 36.54 2018
45,779 14,829 32.39 2017




On What Basis Does NYU Admit Students?

New York University bills itself as an academic institution with an admission policy that frowns upon discrimination. Keeping this at heart, the school doesn’t incorporate social class into its criteria for selecting applicants.

NYU rather admits on the basis of merit, and this is why applicants should consider having a strong high school GPA as part of the requirements that would boost their admission chances.

What Is the Median High School GPA for NYU Admission?

Based on NYU’s admission statistics and the academic records of those it admitted, the median high school GPA for entry into the school is estimated at 3.62 (on a scale of 4.0).

Is “Recommendation Letter” Required for NYU Admission? If Yes, How Many?

A recommendation letter is, of course, included in the list of documents NYU applicants should arm themselves with. Notably, NYU requires you to come with at least three letters of recommendation. And for your recommendation letters to prove substantial to NYU’s admission team, the letters must have been sourced from relevant authorities such as a professors (or academic instructors) in your previous school.

Other individuals you might want to consider (as sources for recommendation letters) are previous research fellows or some high-profile academics that influenced your (remarkable) academic record in one way or the other.

What’s Prestigious about NYU?

NYU is prestigious for a number of reasons. While its vast international appeal counts among these reasons, NYU is also one of the best universities in the world.

Aside from New York City, United States, which is the university’s main site of operation, New York University operates 11 study-abroad sites. Interestingly, NYU not only boasts a huge population of international students, it is also America (US)’s largest private institution.

What SAT/ACT Score Do I Need to Boost My Admission Chances?

Since NYU is a very competitive university to get into, aspirants of the university really need to boast excellent results for them to stand the chance of being admitted. 1510 and 34 are the respective SAT and ACT scores considered enough to boost your chances of getting into New York University.


Generally, New York University is very difficult to get into. Considering the various low acceptance rates we mentioned in this post, it’s very hard to deny that there’s always stiff competition for entry into this prestigious university.

But if you’re really sure about your chances, nothing should deter you from applying to NYU which is unarguably one of America (US)’s most prestigious academic institutions.

Hopefully, our FAQs section has answered the important question(s) you might want to ask about New York University’s acceptance rate and admission requirements. But if there are other relevant questions we seem not to have answered, endeavor to ask them in the comment section below.


NYU Acceptance Rate 2022/2026 Class & Admission Statistic by Major

New York University Admission Statistics Class of 2022


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