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Mercy’s Smart Square –or Smart Square Mercy –is a web-based platform developed by Mercy (healthcare organization) to serve as a login system where its healthcare employees can access vital information. It is an easy-to-use portal where the authorized users can keep tabs on personal information, work schedules, available job openings, etc.

Smart Square Mercy is not only an intuitive and user-oriented portal where Mercy’s healthcare employees get to manage personal and work-related information, it is also a great medium where candidates can apply for jobs.

One of the interesting things about Smart Square Mercy is ease of use. Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, the portal is designed to be used across multiple devices –smartphones, laptops and PCs. The authorized users of the portal can conveniently access vital information while on the go.

Uses of the Smart Square Mercy Login Portal

Smart Square Mercy (employee portal) has a number of beneficial uses for Mercy’s healthcare employees. Some of the uses are as follows:

  • Conveniently accessing patients’ records on phone
  • Management of work schedules
  • Control and tracking of attendance
  • Establishing a single access/storage point for their information (as Mercy healthcare workers)
  • Establishing social interaction with other healthcare workers in the organization
  • Creating their pay slips and retrieving payment details
  • Planning and tracking critical breaks, such as holidays and leaves

Steps to Log in to Smart Square Mercy Portal

Mercy’s healthcare employees can log in to their Smart Square accounts through the steps below:

  • Click the link here to access the official website of Smart Square Mercy
  • On the Smart Square Mercy page that appears, scroll down to and click the Continue to SmartSquare button
  • You’ll be immediately taken to a login page, where you’ll be asked to sign in with your organizational account
  • Provide your Network ID and the corresponding Password in order to log in
  • After that, click the provided Sign-in button to eventually get into Smart Square and start accessing your information

Note: There is an alternative link through Mercy healthcare employees can access the Smart Square Mercy portal. To use this link, click here.

Password Reset for Smart Square Mercy

Password reset is usually the recommended solution for users who seem to have forgotten their passwords for logging in to a particular portal. Normally, there would be a “Password Reset” or “I Forgot My Password” feature for such users to reset their passwords.

But with Smart Square Mercy, the case is markedly different as users don’t get to find any “Password Reset” or “I Forgot My Password” feature on the portal. If you can’t log in to your Smart Square Mercy account due to a password error, we suggest that you seek assistance from the customer service by calling this help line: 1-866-440-399.

Benefits of Healthcare Management Software

Since the Smart Square Mercy portal being reviewed in this post may be considered a form of healthcare management software, it’s relevant to discuss the importance of healthcare management software in general. Therefore, here are the top benefits of healthcare management software:

It Offers High-level Security

Healthcare management software usually adopts a login system which makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access the users’ information. This system keeps users (healthcare patients and staff)’s information so secure that others cannot access it.

For instance, Smart Square Mercy always requires authorized users to provide their login details before they can get into the system. With this, it would normally prove hard for third parties to hack into the personal data of the users –Mercy’s healthcare employees.

It Is Great for Scheduling Healthcare Activities

This is definitely one of the reasons why use of scheduling software trumps the traditional mode of scheduling. Especially in the healthcare industry, where healthcare administrators need to communicate regularly with staff and deal with lots of patients, the traditional mode of scheduling hardly proves sufficient.

There’s the need to integrate a technology-aided scheduling tool so that healthcare managers can easily manage numerous healthcare workers/staff and conveniently schedule appointments with many patients. With the aid healthcare management software, healthcare professionals can track patients’ information, manage employees’ details, schedule appointments with patients, as well as control shifts or other work-related schedules in a healthcare facility.

Nursing managers, for instance, can leverage healthcare management software for monitoring the information of subordinate nurses, scheduling shifts for the nurses, monitoring staff holidays/leaves, and managing patients’ health information.

It Acts as a Medium of Interaction between Healthcare Workers and Their Employer/Manager

Healthcare management software could be an ideal medium for employees in a healthcare facility to communicate complaints and other critical matters to their managers. For example, Mercy’s Smart Square login portal is a great medium not only for Mercy healthcare workers to access their schedules and other work-related information online, but also communicate with their managers.

It Allows for Ease of Access

With the aid of healthcare management software, you can easily manage the information of your subordinate healthcare staff as well as schedule shifts and other work-related aspects for them, right from the comfort of your smartphone.

While accessing the software, probably as a mobile app or a web-based portal, on your internet-enabled device, you’ll also find it easy to store and manage patients’ information as well as schedule appointments with the patients.


Smart Square Mercy is an employee-targeted portal developed by Mercy –a US-based not-for-profit health organization. It is an online platform which enables employees of Mercy (healthcare organization) to easily access their data, keep tabs on work schedules, conveniently access patients’ records, and interact with fellow healthcare workers.

Hopefully, you’ve found this post helpful for information about Smart Square Mercy and the process to log in to the employee portal. We believe that through the post’s FAQ section, you’ve also found answers to some of the relevant questions you wanted to ask.


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