There’s no denying that an aspiring auto mechanic needs adequate education in order to acquire the requisite skills for auto repair, maintenance, etc.

While such education most definitely combines rigorous hands-on training and expert-provided theory, it’s very important for the aspiring auto mechanic to decide the ideal way to acquire the education.

On the one hand, it’s important to choose a certified and reliable school for your auto mechanic education, and on the other hand, you shouldn’t undermine opting for the school with the teaching mode you find suitable.

When the goal is to pursue a certification program that you can combine with an auto mechanic apprenticeship, enrolling in an online diploma-awarding auto mechanic school could be your best bet. It’s for this reason that we’d like to show you the 10 best online auto mechanic schools and/or programs.

What Are the 7+ Best Auto Mechanic Schools/Programs Online?


Alison is one of the best avenues where you can acquire the fundamental knowledge that prepares you for a conventional auto mechanic school. Alison offers a free-to-access online auto mechanic course which spans about 15 hours.

Structurally, Alison’s online auto mechanic course comprises various modules, wherein the introductory module exposes learners to rudiments such as introductory knowledge of automotive technology as well as insights into the job of the auto mechanic and how to use auto mechanic tools.

What the learners will learn doesn’t end there as the course further teaches them the workings of several automotive systems and components including the exhaust, cooling system, braking, steering system, suspension, and fuel system. Plus, this free course could be the right way to start your auto mechanic education especially if you hope to take up an apprenticeship –or attend a conventional auto mechanic school –afterwards.

The comparatively short duration of 15 hours is likely the only downside to Alison’s auto mechanic course, but what really compensates this downside is the fact that you won’t have to incur any tuition fee.

Click the link here to find out more about Alison’s auto mechanic course.


If you already have background knowledge of auto repair, I-CAR could be the ideal online school for you to advance this knowledge and obtain a certification at the end of your auto education.

I-CAR boasts a good number of auto repair courses that you can take online. Specifically, I-CAR specializes in auto body repair and offers education to individuals seeking to become auto mechanics. Some of I-CAR’s programs include ASE test preparation, welding courses, and OEM specific training.

Besides offering certifications along with its programs, I-CAR offers an amazing virtual classroom system which is really beneficial to students taking its online courses. I-CAR’s tuition fees differ, depending on the online course or program you’re taking.

Here is the link to learn more about I-CAR and its auto mechanic courses.

3.Penn Foster Career School

There’s no denying that Penn Foster Career School is one of the common options Google will suggest to you each time you search for schools with online auto mechanic courses. Probably, one of the reasons for this relevance in Google’s search outcome is that Penn Foster Career School offers a comprehensive array of automotive courses that you can learn online.

In terms of tuition, this school charges varying fees in the regions of $799, $829 and $749 as monthly auto payment, monthly mail payment, and full payment respectively. Some of the online automotive courses offered by the school include auto body repair, small engine repair, and auto mechanics.

While it also offers certifications, including Automotive Transmission Essentials Certificates and Automotive HVAC Essentials Certificates, Penn Foster Career School has a full-package diploma program for those looking to pursue careers as auto repair technicians.

Click the link here to find out more about the automotive courses offered by Penn Foster Career School.

4.PCDI Canada

PCDI Canada is one of the best options for online auto mechanic education especially where the learner’s goal is to acquire advanced HVAC systems training. If you make PCDI Canada your choice of online auto mechanic school, you’ll be exposed to a generous amount of textbooks and online lessons.

This school also falls among the best places where you can take a course in motorcycle mechanics. If you can afford PCDI Canada’s pricing of $790, $814 and $690, as monthly auto payment, monthly mail payment, and full payment respectively, you could just make PCDI Canada the provider of HVAC education that you can access from the comfort of your home.

The duration of your online auto mechanic course with PCDI Canada is satisfactorily short as it spans just four months.

Click this link to learn more about PCDI Canada’s auto mechanic course.

6.ICS Canada

ICS Canada is one of the online auto mechanic schools with study duration that is considered sufficient for learners to acquire relevant skills. If you make ICS Canada your choice of online auto mechanic school, it shouldn’t take you more than six months to complete your diploma in auto mechanics.

ICS Canada not only offers you a quick avenue to complete an online auto mechanics program, but also equips you with a great deal of knowledge. In terms of tuition pricing, ICS Canada charges $1,169 CDN, $1,249 CDN and $1,049 CDN as monthly auto payment, monthly mail payment and full payment respectively.

You can find out more information about ICS Canada’s auto mechanic program here.


While checking out Bergwall, you shouldn’t expect to see something that feels exactly like a conventional online school program. Coupled with the fact that you won’t receive any diploma at the end of your course, you might think Bergwall isn’t the ideal choice for your online auto mechanic education.

Nevertheless, Bergwall compensates you with a good deal of online auto mechanic classes/courses that wouldn’t cost you much money. Bergwall’s tuition pricing is in the region of $10 monthly or $100 yearly.

While its auto mechanic courses come under several categories, namely Shop Talk, OBD-II, Shop Safety & Math, and ASE Test Prep, Bergwall further furnishes learners with plenty of reading materials and educational videos.

8.Ashworth College

Ashworth College is one of the schools with online auto mechanic courses that earn you a diploma at the point of completion. The online auto mechanic program offered by this school allows learners a near-comprehensive experience which incorporates interactive online learning, step-by-step lab simulations, lots of online videos, NATEF-aligned tutorials, and a good deal of textbooks.

While taking Ashworth College’s Automotive Technician program online, learners are exposed to vast fundamental knowledge which includes repairs, maintenance, and troubleshooting. As regards pricing, Ashworth College charges $759, $849 and $709 as monthly auto payment, monthly mail payment, and full payment respectively.

You can access more information about Ashworth College’s auto mechanic courses via the link here.

9.Automotive Training Centers

Automotive Training Centers (ATC) offers online auto mechanic education at the end of which the institution awards you an Automotive Mechanic/Technician Certificate. This is, of course, one of the best online auto mechanic programs that let you acquire auto mechanic knowledge conveniently and from your comfort zone.

While you’re likely to complete this program within one year or thereabouts, ATC charges a moderate fee to the tune of $999 CAD for the program. This online program will equip you with lessons in various automotive topics such as electrical and electronic systems, brake systems, emissions tuning, gas engine and fuel systems, and steering, suspension and tires.

This is the link to more info about ATC’s auto mechanic program.

10.Society of Automotive Engineers

Unlike many of the other options in this post, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) doesn’t operate as a conventional school. It’s rather an online repository with lots of study-aiding resources including classes, videos, seminars and recorded lessons.

While it specifically focuses on automotive technology, SAE offers plenty of topics in differing relevant areas including acoustic fundamentals, electric vehicle technology, and so on.

Individuals who would find this online mechanic program useful are those looking to advance their basic auto mechanic knowledge. Despite not being an actual school, SAE remains one of the ideal online programs that let you acquire advanced auto mechanic education.

In terms of pricing, SAE offers two options, meaning you could choose to pay for tuition either per seminar or per course. Comparatively, this online auto mechanic program is more expensive than the other schools/programs in this post. However, your total fee may appear huge or small depending on the number of courses you intend to enroll in.

Click this link to learn more about SAE’s automotive courses.

11.Stratford Career Institute

Stratford Career Institute (SCI) offers one of the ideal online auto mechanic courses. Interestingly, its auto mechanic course is one of the affordable diploma-inclusive options out there.

This online auto mechanic school offers a generous amount of learning materials and educational needs including study guides, online exams, textbooks, certain free tools, and round-the-clock access to instructors.

While SCI offers common automotive learning options including Small Engine Repair and Motorcycle/ATV Repair, its in-depth online auto mechanic course packs many topics including audio systems, suspension and steering systems, engine performance diagnosis, brake systems, engine rebuilding, preventative maintenance, and audio systems.

As for pricing, Stratford Career Institute lets you choose between full payment and monthly payment which attract $895 and $43 respectively.

Follow this link in order to learn more about SCI’s auto mechanic course.


Are There Free Online Auto Mechanic Programs?

Although you may not expect them to serve you in the same capacity as their cost-inclusive counterparts, free online auto mechanic programs actually exist. In fact, Alison, our first online auto mechanic platform in this post, offers a free-to-access 15-hour online auto mechanic course.

Do Online Auto Mechanic Schools Award Certificates?

Yes, but not all. Luckily, some of the earlier-discussed online auto mechanic schools/programs offer certificates to learners at the end of the automotive courses. Ashworth College, for instance, presents you with a diploma after completing your online auto mechanic course with the school.

Is an Online School Really Ideal for Auto Mechanic Education?

For the fact that automotive technology is really a practical-oriented field, you could be worried about the effectiveness of online auto mechanic schools. Well, the truth is that the online auto mechanic school will, at best, furnish you with theory as well as study-aiding resources like animations and videos that explain the basics of various automotive aspects.

While some schools offer hybrid programs that require on-campus presence along with online education, it is up to you to decide if you can actually devote time to on-campus classes. Extensive practical exposure is very essential for anyone looking to become a professional auto mechanic. After completing your online auto mechanic course, it’s advisable that you undergo an apprenticeship at a nearby auto mechanic shop.


Online auto mechanic schools/platforms abound on the internet, and this might make it difficult to sift the worthy ones out of the stack.

But with the well-researched selection provided in this post, choosing the ideal online auto mechanic school or program for yourself shouldn’t prove difficult.


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