The proliferation of online certification courses is fast removing the distance barrier in learning. However, this proliferation does have its accompanying drawback as it is not all the online course providers out there that you can rely on.

It’s interesting to take an online course relating to your desired skill or field of study. But you’ll find it much more interesting to complete the course and bag a certificate without paying a dime.

To aid your access to high-value and dependable free online courses, we have prepared a list of the top 20 free online course providers with printable certificates. All of the online course providers in this post are trustworthy and so, your chances of making success with them should be very high.


What Are the Top 20 Online Course Providers with Printable Certificates?



Coursera is one of the reputable online learning management resources from which some of the world’s biggest universities offer their online courses with free certificates. Meanwhile, top British and American universities are included among the institutions hosting their free courses on Coursera.

On Coursera, learners can select from myriads of free online courses with certifications. Favorably, Coursera hosts free-to-access courses on popular learning interests including personal development, health, language learning, social sciences and business.

Coursera could be the best fit for students keenly interested in free online certification courses from reputable universities. There are well over 1000 free online certification courses on Coursera.


Udemy is a widely admired online course provider with free courses on more than 30 languages. The platform is considered one of the most-visited online course providers.

While Udemy is currently used by more than 35 million students, the online course provider offers myriads of free courses with printable certificates. Udemy courses with free printable certificates cut across various learning interests including, but not limited to, web development, personal development, java and goal setting.

It’s worthy to note that some Udemy courses may demand that you pay a token before you can obtain your printable certification. Beyond that, Udemy’s language courses are a great opportunity for you to boost your employment chances in foreign countries. Such courses are avenues to learn the basics of popular languages such as Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Hangul, Japanese and Turkish.

Skill Share

Skill Share is a prominent provider of both free and paid-for certification courses. It boasts a good deal of courses, ranging from the ones you can take as a dabbler down to the courses designed for specific professions.

With Skill Share, you’re certain to find a whole lot of valuable courses including graphic design courses. While some of its in-demand courses are paid for, Skill Share still offers an amazing array of free courses with printable certificates. Also on Skill Share, there’s an offer of free trial for new members willing to subscribe to the website’s premium courses. This free trial is a pretty opportunity for you to attend as many classes as you wish for a 7-day period.

 Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is a repository for tons of free online courses with printable certificates. The Google-owned learning platform offers its free online courses under three headings namely data and tech, career development and digital marketing.

Being a technology-focused outfit, Google happens to have reflected its tech orientation through the digital marketing courses on Google Digital Garage. Meanwhile, you can expect to get a free printable certification for any of the courses you take on this Google-developed platform.


Princeton University

Princeton University is another online course provider with courses under the MOOC category. This translates into the fact that all of Princeton University’s free online courses can be accessed by any student.

Courses offered by Princeton University revolve around any of such academic areas as the humanities and the arts.

Princeton University is one of the prestigious academic institutions in the United States. Admission into the university requires bagging excellent academic grades. With this information in mind, students enrolling in any of the university’s free online courses should consider themselves lucky.

Princeton University does offer free online courses but to obtain a printable certificate in any of these courses, a small amount of money is required. If you’re really conversant with how prestigious Princeton University is, you’ll likely deem it worthy to pay for its printable certificate.


EDX partners with lots of reputable citadels of learning for which it hosts free online courses. While EDX hosts a good deal of professional online courses with free certificates, the channel’s courses cut across 50 categories. These courses can be completed within relatively short periods and they come from some of the world’s reputable universities including Princeton University, Cambridge University and Harvard University.

EDX is an avenue for learners to find lots of free courses that provide them with the fundamental understanding of the specific areas of study they are interested in. With the help of these courses, the learners are guaranteed prefatory knowledge which prepares them for full-time studies in their chosen fields.

Top universities from Australia, Canada, UK and USA constitute the citadels of learning hosting free online certification courses on EDX.

Future Learn

Whether it’s a free online course on personal development or core academic topics, you can rest assured that Future Learn has got what you’re looking for.

Future Learn is an online course provider with myriads of courses on various notable academic areas such as engineering, science, psychology, creative arts, business, law, literature and mental health. Free printable certificates are possible with many of the courses offered by Future Learn. And for students who might be interested in premium courses, it’s noteworthy that Future Learn hosts courses provided by Australian universities. These are paid-for full-time courses specifically considered suitable for students willing to delve into higher education.

Frankly, Future Learn boasts lots of high-value online courses with free certifications.

Harvard University

The globally acclaimed institution, Harvard University, offers a pretty number of free-to-access courses. But to obtain printable certificates for some of these courses, students may be charged certain fees.

Some of the popular categories for Harvard University’s free online courses include cloud computing, data analysis, business, music and fine arts, medicine, and artificial intelligence. These courses are notably offered under MOOC –Massive Open Online Course –which makes them accessible to an unlimited number of students.

Just like the other free online course providers in this post, Harvard University offers printable certificates that project holders as employable individuals. Notably, Harvard University avails you access to any of its 50+ free online courses.


Stanford University

Stanford University’s free courses are accessible from either the university’s website or popular online learning management platforms.

There are printable certificates for some of Stanford University’s free online courses. Interested learners can obtain more information about the university’s free online courses on the dedicated website via this link. Interestingly, Stanford University is a high-profile provider of free online courses in vital academic areas including the humanities, arts, education, engineering and medicine.

While some of its free online courses are tailored to beginners’ needs, Stanford University, just like the other online course providers herein, also offers courses designed for students willing to advance their knowledge in given academic fields.


University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas is another provider of free online courses –particularly under the MOOC category –with printable certificates. The university offers as many as 19 free online courses with certificates. A certain but usually small fee may be required for the printable certificates of some of these courses.

The free online courses offered by University of Texas are programs you can complete within relatively short periods. Interestingly, these courses come under a pretty number of common academic areas including the humanities, general science, agriculture, arts, mathematics, computing and IT.


Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a Microsoft-owned online learning platform with free-to-access courses tailored to the learning goals of beginners and advanced learners. The Microsoft-owned platform offers 60+ courses with free certifications.

The certificates offered by Microsoft Learn are accepted by top employers across the world. But the sad drawback about Microsoft Learn is limited validity of its free certificates.

Students with such certificates will have to renew the certificates’ validity by taking periodic refresher courses.

Microsoft is acclaimed as the world’s leading software manufacturer. With this in mind, students can count on Microsoft Learn for free courses that will help hone their software skills. Also on Microsoft Learn, there are courses that enable learners to master digital marketing and IT process.


University of Oxford

University of Oxford might not be the befitting online course provider for random students but it’s definitely a reputable provider of free online courses.

If you’ve ever dreamt of bagging a certificate from one of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions, signing up for this university’s free online course could help actualize your dream.

Many of the online courses offered by University of Oxford may be targeted at select individuals. You may check the university’s website to know the free courses that are well suited for you.


University of California at Berkeley

University of California offers printable certificates along with any of its 49 free online courses. The renowned citadel of learning offers free-to-access courses which fall under the MOOC category.

Learners willing to take the university’s free online courses can select programs under any of the following academic areas: arts, computing, business administration, humanities, psychology, language skills, advanced IT skills, geography, history and business.


This amazing free online course provider, Alison, caters to students from anywhere in the world. According to the information on its website, Alison offers more than 1,000 free courses.

Categorizing the courses offered by Alison, we have such options as “learning path” (high-level courses with 18-20 hour duration), diploma courses with 8-10 hour duration and certificate courses with an average of 2-hour duration.

On Alison, there are nine different categories from which students can select the free online certificate courses to take. Some of these categories include ecommerce, culinary skills, art, graphic design, linguistics and science.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT tends to have a constantly changing selection of free online courses with printable certificates. Therefore, students interested in its free certification courses may have to visit the university’s website regularly for the available selection of free online courses.

MIT is a renowned institute that has produced influential personalities including Kofi Annan (former UN Secretary-General) and Buzz Aldrin. The opportunity to enroll in one of this institute’s free online certification courses should seem like a great privilege to you.

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge regularly updates its collection of free online certification courses. Although with some associated fees, printable certificates are offered for majority of this university’s free online courses.

University of Cambridge is widely admired and so, it isn’t much of a surprise that slots for its free online courses could be occupied very quickly. Students interested in the university’s free courses may have to act fast once the courses are available.

Revered as one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious citadels of learning, University of Cambridge offers free online certification courses tailored to the interests of junior college and high-school students.


Open Learn

There are free Open Learn courses for both professionals and beginners. Notably, Open Learn hosts a decent number of free online courses coming from The Open University.

Open Learn also maintains a nice syllabus for these free online courses which are available under different academic areas, some of which include politics, nature and environment, law, society, and money and business.

Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy hosts its free online courses on Creative Commons, a resource designed for tutors to upload their free courses. With this, it’s understandable that various tutors contribute to the development of courses meant for upload to Creative Commons.

Anyone looking to visit Saylor Academy can expect to find their preferred course from the collection of free online courses offered. Meanwhile, Saylor Academy is good for both dabblers and professionals among learners.

eLearning College

This online course provider partners with British, Australian, Canadian and American reputable universities and colleges. It therefore hosts the free online courses offered by these universities and colleges. Lots of students visit eLearning College for free online courses (with printable certificates) that they can complete in short periods.

eLearning College portal receives updates of free online certification courses coming from its host universities and colleges. Some of the popular academic areas under which its free online courses are offered include business management, hospitality management, nutrition, and human resources management.


Bit Degree

Bit Degree is one exciting online course provider which lets you select courses based on your level of proficiency which could be any of beginner, intermediate and advanced. While you can obtain certificates for them, Bit Degree’s courses are entirely free to access and they come under several categories including, but not limited to, data science, business, personal development, design, computer and coding, blockchain, marketing, and IT security and software.

Bit Degree regularly updates its collection of free online courses.


Online certification courses are great but anyone looking to apply for these courses should be wary of the valueless ones.

Those behind valueless online certification courses are probably trying to market themselves. Sadly, they really don’t have anything worthwhile to offer their potential learners.

We are hopeful that our list of top 20 free online course providers will help you distinguish reliable options from the crowd of free online course providers.

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